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Real-time web tracking for your website and blog

Here at supercounters, we offer a variety of widgets such as hit counter, flag counter, and users online counter. You can access your real-time web stats from anywhere at anytime. With our state-of-the-art dedicated server and fast network connection, your counter widgets will always be available.

Do you know

  • How many visits does your website receives hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly?
  • What operating system and web browsers do your visitors use?
  • Which country do they come from?
  • How many visitors are currently viewing your site?
  • What search terms or keywords are they using to find your site?

Getting started.

Widgets are free and no email required. Simple Installation takes only a few minutes.

Hit Counter

Reliable hit counter over 100 different counter styles available.

Hit counter
Tab Widget

Shows how many visitors you have online and always stayed of the page.

tab widget
Online Counter

You can find out how many visitors are online at your site in real time.

Online counter
Visitor Tracker

Displays the geographic location of your visitors in real time.

Visitor Tracker
Visitor Map

See exactly where your site visitors are from in real-time.

Visitor Map
Flag Counter

Shows you the total number of visitors from each country.

Flag counter
IP Address Widget

IP address lookup widget shows the visitor's geographic information.

IP address Widget

Webmaster Tools

Free Tools to help webmasters and web developers everywhere optimize the performance of their websites.

Ping - Ping a server or web site using our network worldwide.